Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mountain "Getaway"

To love your job is one thing, but to want to move into where you work is another. This week we were shooting at a Mountain weekender in Mt Macedon in Victoria for Provincial Home Living and I could have easily stayed. The house was amazing, the team was fun and I felt miles away from daily life- yet i was working. Ahh, if only i had a spare Million or 5. I took my Sx70 along for the ride, including the new close up lenses i found on eBay. The shots show the beautifully pruned "picture perfect" holly bushes scattered around the property and one of the many beautifully decorated mantles. 

Here are some more...


Friend in Fashion said...

These are beautiful photos! Number on is just stunning - so talented!

Lady Melbourne said...

Beautiful photos, you have captured the mood perfectly!