Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Week Of Loss

It started when my beloved little kitten, Tubs(above), ran away (not very likely) or was stolen (more likely) from our front yard. He has left behind a lonely distressed little sister and a frantic Mother (me). I hand reared these two when I found them on the front nature-strip back in Feb. I tried to find homes for them before i got too attached but, alas, I fell in love. The irony now is tearing me apart.

Then yesterday I lost my beautiful Grandpa. It is a huge loss to my family and he will be sorely missed. Professionally, alot of credit for my photography can go to him; whether you credit genetics, or that first photography lesson he gave me in the driveway of his unit 10 years ago, or his generous loan of his beloved Pentax 1000, so i could "have a decent camera" to shoot my assignments on. He left behind some of the most beautiful family photos a girl could ever inherit. Above is one of my favourites, taken of my mother. In it, I can see the similarities in our shooting style, even though this photo was taken more than 50 years ago.
In the company of Farrah and MJ, he chose a good day to be lining up at those pearly gates. 

Love to the two Gentlemen I lost this week. xx

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow, the photo of little kitten is looking beautiful; I am looking for some more photo of this lovely kitten...........


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