Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Big Year, Small Things

Its like starting a diet on a Monday, I always feel great in the New Year. As cliched as it may be, its a clean slate, a chance to start again, to be a better version of you, to close the door on any negativity that the past year brought.

I have only ever made one new years resolution, and it remains the same every year. Dont let fear get in the way of an opportunity. '08-'09, I was true to my resolution, really I was. So i feel its time to move on from this mantra. 2009 was not a great year for me, lets be honest. And not for one big earth shattering reason either. I just wasn't happy, dont ask me why, I have plenty to be thankful for. But it was while i was reading this that it clicked. And because I cant say it any better than she did, here it is;
"what i realized is that a lot of things i always assumed make me unhappy, actually make me happy. i avoid cleaning and organizing like it is the plague and yet, it makes me happy when i do it. i have always assumed that it is much more pleasurable to fall asleep with my makeup on and then show up for work the next day with that day old eyeliner and some fresh lip gloss (not cute), but as it turns out spending 10 extra minutes before bed and the same in the morning makes me feel better"

I cant tell you how good i felt reading this. Why didnt I think of that? Thank-you Jen. Its all the little things that have gone by the wayside in my depressed state, which, in turn, have sent me into a state of despair. Exercise, cleaning, cooking, organizing, throwing out- all things i avoid, yet all things that make me feel good. How did i miss this? So here it is, the start of a list of the small things that make me happy (minus the obvious ones like chocolate and wine with friends, holidays).... (I also stole the first one from Jen because i never would have thought of this, but its so very true)

  • Being able to walk barefoot on the floor without getting cat hair, my hair, misc. shrapnel, etc on my feet
  • Replying to Emails/Messages straight away.
  • Getting up early
  • Going for a walk in the morning
  • Actually making that toy/dress/card/quilt/thing that I have only ever talked about.
  • Staying up that little bit longer to get organised for the morning.
  • Afternoon sunlight
  • Cooking
  • Not buying lunch even if it means being super resourceful in the pantry that morning.
  • Going through a day without spending money
  • Clean Sheets
  • Exercising
  • Posting on my blog

The list will continue to grow im sure.. but for now, thats enough to remind me how to stay on track. Speaking of which, its 11.15pm, and I just finished baking Blackberry pies for an upcoming post, cleaned the kitchen, hung out some washing and am about to head to bed with a clean face. Lets see how long this lasts kids, but tell you what, Im happy!


Palette said...

this is all sooo true anitra! i always plan on being more organised the night before so im not crazy, late & running around in the morning, it has not happened yet... maybe this year.

good luck xx

Anonymous said...
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Lady Melbourne said...

I think that might be the same as my list!!