Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Friend

Dear Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs,

Where have you been all my adult-blotchy-legged-life? Actually I know exactly where you were; I have noticed you there for a while- I just was too much of a tight-wad to purchase you. But I am so glad I have you now. Just thought you should know.

Love Your New Friend,

(Image is from the latest wedding that I attended and had the pleasure of photographing. I am working around the clock on a bevy of beautiful brides from recent weddings, cant wait to share soon!)


Friend in Fashion said...

This is such a pretty picture - I love your work :)

Palette said...

im off to buy it tomorrow. any funny scent? strange question, but soo many tanners leave us with a funny smell. lulkix

Anitra. said...

Lulki, Its literally a spray on make-up! Like foundation for your legs... i was wary at first, but am sold on it. No smell, easy to put on... just go easy and blend, blend... I used "tan glow" but would be tempted to try the lighter one too... xxx