Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hunting House

Oh boy. There have been changes. Good ones, big ones. I have left one job and started another- i have left behind my unpredictable freelancing days (for now) and have started full time at a Studio. Full time Job= salary= homeloan= househunting! Finally! So to distract me from the stress of a never ending workload, we've started house hunting. What fun, what heartache!

In the hours of trawling the internet for, A: dilapidated houses in my area for sale, and B: inspiration on how to transform such houses, I found this little gem of a bittersweet story. A little Victorian Hunting Cottage in the woods.


beachhouse etc. said...

i think its totally move in ready...adorable...just found your blog love it... suzanne

Carla said...

This has to be the cutest cubby house of all time. Gorgeous. Carla