Friday, July 1, 2011

Not just weddings!

My life this year has seemed to revolve around weddings. Mine, friends, family members, friends of friends, clients. And for the first half of the year I felt like thats all I shot. Although I loved every minute of it (yes, its easy now to forget those painful never ending 1am editing moments), I was glad to see a time where I can flex the creative muscle and work with some great people on other projects so you can see I dont just shoot weddings!

It was such a pleasure to work on this with the lovely Claire Collins (Chadwick model), Kate Fletcher (H&M) and Olivia Craig (Stylist). Enjoy xx







Anonymous said...

looks fantastic xx

Kate Haley said...

WOW! These are Awesome Neety! Just Lv them! U are so talented! Xo

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, I follow Claire's work and this is some of the best so far I think!

Catherine @ The Spring said...

These shots are beautiful! I'm so happy to have 'discovered' your blog and work!
- Catherine at The Spring (in Brisbane)