Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dapper Rapper Collaboration Pt 1

The idea, like a lot of mine, to make a stop motion wedding invite was born purely as a means to save money on producing a creative & unique wedding invite. A camera I had, a Letterpress machine I did not. (It should be noted at this point that I did spend hours trying to find one on eBay, watched countless YouTube videos on how people had fashioned their own out of a few bits of 4x2 and a bit of pipe & considered spending a heap on a DIY kit from the internet despite some pretty really poor reviews.) 

Needless to say I was surprised yet delighted that people loved it as much as they did (Just between you and me Im going to high five myself with a glass of red when it reaches 10,000 views). Turns out one of those 9,000 odd views was Alec Lomami- dubbed the "Dapper Rapper" by MTV. This very talented Congolese-American artist emailed me and asked if Id be interested in Producing a similar clip to accompany the remix of his already popular Kinshasa track. His excitement and enthusiasm was matched by mine as soon as I heard the track. I jumped at the chance. A million emails, just as many photos & a few thousand photoshop actions later we are nearly at completion. 

Eli, playing a young Alec, in the soon to be released clip for Kinshasa Remix. 


moo said...

How exciting!!

Palette said...

Anitra I think i have watched that clip 1,000 times, its so beautiful xxx