Monday, November 16, 2009


some childrens stuff I've been accumulating....

From Top to Bottom;
  • Plywood 'A'- $5 Empire Vintage
  • Little Red Riding Hood Picture- Part of a Picture Block Puzzle- $11 Ebay
  • Knitted Booties- £13 Mamas and Papas UK
  • Wool Baby Blanket- $2.99 Savers
  • Vintage SIngle Sheet- $2.00 ADRA Op Shop Mitcham
  • Timber Crate (used as shelf)- Side of the road
  • Number Train (part of a set)- $3.99 Savers
  • Swedish Wooden Pull Along Truck- $10 Camberwell Market
  • Picture Blocks (in tray of truck)- As Before, $11 Ebay
  • Chest of Drawers (partly stripped back)- $12.99 Savers
  • Wooden Hanger- a hand me down
  • Cotton Overalls- $2.99 Savers

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