Saturday, November 14, 2009


I realised having surgery this week was potentially professional suicide. Irrationally dramatic? Well, um, yes....I suppose. I don't do sick well; never have and, quite possibly, never will. My dear friend dragged me from my cocoon-o-misery Thursday night for a trip to Savers. Physically it may have been a little premature, but mentally it was exactly what i needed. It inspired this little series I'm working on. Heres the first of hopefully many. x A.

Clockwise from top;
  • Kleen English ceramic mixing bowl- $6.99 Savers
  • Gold Gilded Glass- .20c Veterans Op-Shop Boronia
  • Gold Stripe Egg Cup- .20c Veterans Op-Shop Boronia
  • Cream Ceramic Comport- $2.99 Savers
  • Gold Gilded Snowflake Sugar Bowl- $1 Veterans Op-Shop Boronia
  • String Bag- $1.99 Savers
  • Timber Fold Down Stepping Stool- $5 ADRA Op Shop Mitcham (steps painted with a coat of Taubmans mustard interior paint, bought as a mis-tint -$5 for 1 litre Bunnings)

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