Wednesday, November 11, 2009

me again....

Where have I been? Basically, along with a hard years work, my confidence and enjoyment found in technology was quashed in the "big hard-drive-wipe of 2009". But I'm back, rebuilding and reshooting. And am using the time I have to recover from a small surgical procedure to re-focus (no pun intended). Along with back to back episodes of "The City", the hours spent flat on the couch have allowed me to create endless lists, something i do often. Lists of shoot ideas, things to make, things to buy, christmas lists, to do lists. And you, my dear blog, are on the top of my list. And with your help, i endeavor to find my inspiration again.

So, heres one visual list; a little list of things I'm longing for.
From L-R
1. More time for the simple things
(Flickr pic, Dankse

2. Long lazy summer days
(Flickr pic, Dankse

3. This adorable squirrel lamp $114 from

4. Soft, beautiful linen. I have been trawling the internet for cheap linen that i can print on for a project i have in mind!

5. These beautiful Ply Santa Lucia Snowflake Ornaments from Roost Homewares. Available from

6. More polaroid film and knowhow so i can take shots like this.
(Flickr pic, Dankse

7. This beautiful acorn fine bone china container from

8. A cumquat tree!!
(Flickr pic, Dankse

9. Time to make these. Veneer and ribbon ornaments

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Rowan Bruce said...

yay! good to have you back. poodle